Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas - Hoppy Style

I took some pictures of our Christmas decor - finally! I still haven't mastered the flash with this new camera we purchased last month. I'm not 100% happy with how the pictures turned out because of it. They don't do our holiday home justice! Because it's really cute and cheerful in here. I'm typing away now with the tree and candles lit and the fire going. I'm warm and toasty!

Our fireplace - Don't mind the table and cord on the right, we rearranged since I took this one

I painted these letters and used a glue gun to attach them to ribbon to hang them. Turned out pretty cute!

This is the wreath on the door leading to the basement

An old bell wreath on the door leading to the garage

I attempted to make this little "tree" with branches cut from a tree in the backyard. It looks better in person!

Our little tree. We use ornaments we've had all our lives so there isn't a theme but each one means something to us which I love

The greenery and ornaments above the cabinets in our kitchen. The lights were added recently by MrHoppy. Doesn't it look pretty?

 And I couldn't resist adding some other pictures....
He is turning into a little man!

Auntie and O-Town

Frigid Bronco game. Nope, we didn't win. We watched damn Sam Bradford and the Rams stomp our Broncos!

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