Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's a Small World After All...

I had an appointment with the imaging department of my Dr office this afternoon to figure out why I have this sudden mid-cycle bleeding going on. After checking in I was taken back to the room by a super nice tech. You know how you can just tell when someone is a genuinely nice person? She was one of them.

She went over my chart and asked me about all the IF stuff we've done. She was really compassionate and interested in my history with IF, which isn't always the case in the medical world.

Sidenote: Sadly I've had experiences with general nurses and doctors that know nothing about the world of IF. One that particularly stands out: I had food poisoning a couple days after an IUI. They took blood and the nurse (who meant well) could not understand that I still had the trigger in my system and kept insisting that I was pregnant. Um, not possible yet, I promise. She literally ran into my room and yelled "you're pregnant!". Even after I explained everything to her I could tell she still thought I was pregnant. There was no talking her out of it so I gave up and just went back to my vomiting. :)

Anyway... the tech then told me that they call her daughter the "million dollar baby". She said that they had been through the IF wringer and that after NINE (no, not a typo) IVFs they were finally able to conceive their daughter. I was speechless, here I am feeling sad about the money spent and heartache endured on our 6 measly IUIs and she went through so much more.

And I felt a camaraderie there in that ultrasound room. We are not alone. We may feel like we are at times but there are so many other couples struggling with IF. It's such a silent struggle which will always frustrate me. I've been more open about our IF and I will continue to be. How else will people learn about it and understand that it happens all the time, to people they know? It was good to meet another IF'er, good to know that I'm not alone.

Oh and everything was fine - she couldn't see any physical reason for the spotting and bleeding. Which is the good news. The bad news is that it's probably just hormonal and there won't be much they can do except put me on birth control. Which I don't think I'm into... We shall see what my gyno says when she goes over the results!

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  1. I can't even imagine what it's like to go through nine IVF's psychologically. I think it would destroy me.