Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a...

Brown Christmas?!

Not a flake of snow on the ground and 60 degree temperatures? I think not.

The trees, grass, flowers and plants know that it's Winter... The leaves fell, the flowers died. I guess nature didn't get the message and is giving us unseasonably warm weather? But it's hard to enjoy when the whole world is brown. Waiting for the snow and moisture we're supposed to be having this time of year...

Which is driving me bat-shit-crazy. I look at the weather every morning and there isn't any change in our forecast. Just 50s and 60s and dry as a chip.

I'm a seasons girl. I like the changing weather and I expecially love having snow this time of year. It just puts me in the Christmas spirit. The mountains have been getting dumped on. They have gotten over 100% of their usual amount of snow in just 10 days this month! So when is that snow going to make it over the tunnel, down the pass and into my life??

I guess we'll walk around our neighborhood looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve in shorts and t-shirts? Or maybe it will be a Christmas miracle and we'll get some snow! After all, this is Colorado right?

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