Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter in the Ol' Wild West

On Friday morning the Hoppy house packed our bags and headed out. A weekend in the Wild West (Wyoming) was in our near future... We geared up for the 5+ hour drive with a big breakfast and a pep talk to the dogs:

"OK pups we have a looooonnnnnnng road ahead of us, it's time to snuggle in and be good." Once on the road we realized the wind was going to be an issue. 70MPH winds made for an interesting afternoon.

This is probably the only time MrHoppy smiled the whole time... This was 5 minutes into the drive.

Wide open spaces...

One of the many coal trains we saw on our drive. It's a big part of the economy in Wyoming.

The weather was (just a little bit) less than beautiful when we finally arrived.

After hardboiling about a million eggs MrHoppy's little sister dyed them while I supervised.

Big yawn from Cricket

The weather was much nicer on Saturday. After a pedicure with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law we headed down to the ol' barn to take care of the horses.

They come up pretty quickly when they know it's time to eat

Wyoming does have it's beautiful moments...

On Sunday morning the weather was even better. We had quite a drive ahead of us but decided to take advantage and ride the horses. I don't ride often so I was nervous at first. Riding Maggie is simple though... For the most part she follows the other horses. Except when she wants to stop and try to nibble on green grass!

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend with his family. I truly wish that they lived closer so we could see them more often. We spent time catching up, playing games, watching movies and relaxing. Since it's graduation season we'll be seeing everyone again in a few weeks!

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