Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Big Screen!

As I have said before we are kind of in a slow-moving update of our house. We love our house (for the most part) but after being here for 5 years there are a few things we just aren't content with anymore. One of those things is our living room set up.

As you can see the fireplace and media space are kind of funky. They are in front of the stairs and there is a large open area above. This has always been a difficult space to decorate around and we didn't know if we could have a large TV in that room. The allotted space in the wall just wouldn't allow for it.

When MrHoppy finished our awesome basement he chose a big TV to complete the Man-Cave. The only problem is that we don't spend much time there together. It's always kind of a mess which bugs me to no end and it's cold in the Winter. Plus... spiders. Yuck. It's his XBox heaven and I'm fine with that. :)

But, we watch TV in the living room most often and had the bright idea to move the big TV from the basement into this room. The only problem? The media center area isn't big enough for the TV. Solution? Hang it on the wall above! Another problem? The area in which a mount can be hung is small. Because of the cut out media space and the crazy open space above all of this.

In a random Saturday trip to Costco we found a mount on sale with a $30 rebate. Score! We purchased the mount and drove home while discussing how we were going to make this work...

Thinking hard about the solution. See what I mean by awkward area? Please ignore the ghetto media center that was purchased simply because we "needed" something there. No more of that for this girl.

2x4's will make the  mount possible. I was nervously watching while he drilled away, confident in his manly skills

The mount is up and while he moved the TV into the living room to hang it I painted the 2x4's

This bad boy isn't going anywhere!

Final product.

So... It is awesome to have this TV in our living room. We already watched a Blu Ray video (a Sony player, also purchased at Costco, on sale with a $15 rebate!)and it looked so good! The room does just look "different" though and it's taking me some time to get used to it. I feel like the TV is now a huge focal point which I don't know if I like. Also the 2x4 above the TV (that holds the top part of the mount) doesn't look great but I haven't come up with a solution to that yet.

MrHoppy is going to be building pull out shelves in the media area where the stand is currently. It looks terrible right now but I'll be sure to keep updating that process. He wants to get it all done at once so we don't have a mess in our main room. Probably on a day I'm at work which is fine by me!

I'm so lucky to have such a handy husband.

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