Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April!

I apologize for another lack of Fit Fridays. MrHoppy is in Chicago for a crazy boy's trip so I was on my own this morning and had to wrangle the dogs into the car and cart them to my parent's house for the day. I just felt too bad leaving them for 9+ hours. So I didn't have anyone to take my photo and I certainly don't know how to use the timer (if there is one?) on my new camera.

So how's about an update of my week?

Work was busy, I'm here alone covering so the week has flown by. This is good news.

I stayed on track 100% this week with meals and exercise. I'm feeling great and also really motivated. I love this feeling! I was also down in my weight today, 117.5. We shall see if I can stay there over my busy weekend!

When MrHoppy is gone I usually fill every minute of my days and nights. It helps the time go quickly and I can get things done that he doesn't usually enjoy. I even made a "To Do" list yesterday so that I stay focused! Here it is:

  • Work
  • Take the doggies home and feed them
  • Run to Michael's - I have a 25% off coupon. Off an entire purchse. INCLUDING sale items. Score!
  • Organize the office. I have furniture to move and I need to tape and caulk the ceiling. Painting is in our near future!
  • 8AM - my first photography class! It's 2 hours long and is kind of a camera and photography 101
  • 10AM - go to Ulta. I have a 20% off coupon. Off and entire purchase! There are a few things I'm eyeing... :)
  • Go to the gym
  • Go to Victoria's Secret. Free panty coupon!
  • 7PM - Girl's night! We are going to a lacrosse game and then out on the town. I cannot wait!

  • Recover from hangover
  • Wait for MrHoppy to get home and snuggle with him while he recovers from his 3 day hangover :)
Once I get more comfortable with my new camera there will be many more pictures on this blog. I just need to get organized and figure out how I want to store them on our hard drive, how often I'm going to be downloading, etc. Plus I'm kind of all over the place in my head right now. The things I'm focusing on right now are diet/exercise, shopping and fashion and our house updates. In my free time I'm researching all subjects related to those 3. I feel like a clothes, shoes, bags, fabric, furniture, DIY, health food, exercise blog reading crack-head!

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