Thursday, April 7, 2011


Usually on Thursdays I write about what I am thankful for on that day. I am thankful for SO many things right now. I'm in a good place with our infertility and with Summer around the corner I'm feeling downright cheerful.

But I did receive sad news this week from one of my best friends. She let me know last month that they were expecting #2 and everyone was so excited. Then, last week she started bleeding and it was confirmed this week that she lost the baby. When she told me that things weren't going well last week I burst into tears. Which, of course, made her cry too. I have experienced loss in my life, but not this kind of loss. I can't imagine the feeling of having a baby inside you and then having it taken away. As she has done for me SO many times in the last few years I told her I love her, I am here for her and to let me know if she needs anything at all.

She has been a huge supporter of MrHoppy and I along the way. I am so sad to watch her go through this.

In other unrelated news I think I am coming to a decision on how to get this blog organized! I'll be doing some work on it this weekend!

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