Monday, January 31, 2011

Baths and Mountains

Happy Monday! We are having some unusually cold weather here today and the ice and snow are making travel terrible. Since I'm about 30 miles from work and I work with family I am still home today. I doubt I will have to go in which is kind of nice. A surprise 3 day weekend!

We have had a great couple of weeks. We got to babysit O so my sister and BIL could have a date night. It was bath day so we got to play in the tub with him. He is such a happy little man and LOVES his baths. We had such a good time with him and feel so blessed to have him in our lives. I cannot believe he is just over a month away from turning one!

I love bath time!

Hi Auntie!

Playing in the tub

That's me off to the left heading down the hill

Last Thursday MrHoppy and I were able to play hooky and go up the hill to ride on Copper Mountain. It was our first trip of the year and it was perfect. No lift lines, sunny and warm. I love going with him - I'm a decent snowboarder but I get scared going too fast. He challenges me and forces me to take risks. It's good for me even if I'm terrified half the time!  

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  1. Your nephew is adorable!! It looks like you guys had an awesome hooky day!