Friday, January 14, 2011

Teeth, Fainting and the ER

Never a dull moment in the Hoppy household, let me tell ya. There is a reason I had time to do a picture post yesterday!

I posted on Wednesday that MrHoppy was doing OK since he had his wisdom teeth removed that morning. And he was. I worked for the afternoon and called him on my way home. He was in pain, he was swollen and he was HUNGRY! He told me to hurry home so I could make him something soft for dinner. :)

I got home and he was doing fine. He got up to try to eat a little something while I made soup for our dinner. He was standing over the sink in the bathroom because he felt like there was something stuck in his "hole". I was standing at the stove with boiling water whisking in some dried soup. (Don't judge, it was a long day and this soup is delish)! Next thing I know he stumbled out of the bathroom and into the living room and sat down on the floor. Ghost white. He couldn't talk very well (swelling, his jaw was sore, etc.) so I kept asking him if he was going to pass out. He said to get him a bucket, he was going to throw up...

:::rewind to his last procedure::: His double hernia surgery - pain killers given by Dr in error(I cursed their name for a good 8 hours) - throwing up all night in a bucket held by yours truly - which had to hurt pretty bad with 2 incisions. Not a pretty sight. Not something I wanted to repeat. Ever.

So with that last surgery now fresh in my mind I ran to the bathroom to grab the trash can and on my way back to him turned down the stove, thank God. I was about to have a boiling-over-soup-catastrophe at the same time I had a vomit-in-the-living-room-catastrophe. Turned out I didn't have either...

As soon as I got to him he passed out cold. Turned ghost white, started sweating profusely and passed the EFF out. Luckily I was able to catch him mid-fall (and he was sitting down) so I was (barely) able to lower him to his back on the ground. And he stayed there for what seemed like an hour, completely out. In reality it was probably about 15 seconds. But long enough to scare me! Picture me and my small self trying to catch all 205 pounds of him, completely dead weight. I did pretty well all things considered!

When he came to I asked if he needed an ambulance. He wasn't talking much but was still sweating profusely. So I did what I always do. Called my sister and BIL.

"Come over, MrHoppy passed out and I need help getting him to the car so I can take him to the ER!"

Little did I know they were grocery shopping. God bless them, they dropped everything and rushed to our house (it's super close). I ran around the house like a crazy person: turned off the stove thank God, put on jeans instead of PJ pants and found MrHoppy's coat and hat. I did forget his wallet though, dang. My BIL helped me get MrHoppy into the car and off to the ER we went. By the time we got there he was feeling a bit better but was shivering and shaking violently.

Long story short (or long really, if you made it this far!) he had SUPER low blood pressure. He was probably also pretty dehydrated. If they couldn't get his pressure back up with fluids they were going to keep him overnight. Which was stressing me out with a $1,000 copay possibly looming in our future.

Without making an already long story longer - he has health issues so they were concerned about those contributing to his condition that night. Which is why they were going to err on the side of caution.

Thankfully his pressure came back up, he was able to drink a 7UP and convince the Dr he was well enough to come home with me. So my already long day ended up SOO long. I was exhausted. And starving! We ate the soup that sat out all night at 10:30 and fell into bed. They wanted me to keep an eye on him the next day so I stayed home from work. Hence the picture post. He slept until noon yesterday so I had time to get things done at home. Yay me!

And now I'm thankful it's Friday and he has 2.5 more days to rest up for work on Monday. He had been planning to work today and that obviously didn't happen so fingers crossed for Monday! TGIF everyone!

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  1. Very scary! I think you did great. I always call my sister and brother in law in crisis- they are doctors but live in CA so it doesn't really help but makes me feel better! Hope the weekend is much more relaxing and stress free.