Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Resolution Time!

I'm not huge on New Year's Resolutions but I did end up making a few this year. MrHoppy and I talked about the upcoming year during our drive home from the mountains Sunday so I came up with a few things I'm going to work on for the next 12 months:

1. I gave up soda. This one isn't too hard for me. I only drank diet soda and usually just 1 per day with my lunch. But with all the chemicals in soda (diet especially) I just decided it's better to not have any at all. The exception to this will be if I'm having the occasional cocktail that includes soda. :)

2. Focus on healthy eating. Now don't get me wrong, I eat pretty healthy and am already in the habit of staying at my healthy goal weight. But I want to eat more balanced meals and focus on putting healthy things into my body - veggies, low fat protiens, etc. I'll be limiting how much we eat out and cook more at home.

3. Fitness. I'm in pretty good shape and work out 5 days a week (on a good week) and 3 days a week (on a bad week). But I want to get into kick-ass shape. I'm going to meet with a personal trainer this month at our new gym and talk to him about setting and meeting some goals. I've also started taking yoga classes there and I was SORE last week. Basically I want to tone up and decrease my minute mile for some races this Summer. Bikini season will be here before we know it and instead of being thin in a suit I want to be toned and HOT! Yes, I'm vain about my body.

4. Finances! Who doesn't have this one on their list? :) I am lucky that this year I got a substantial raise (can't wait for that January 15th paycheck!) so our plan is to be out of debt by the middle of the year. We don't have a lot of debt by any means, but we prefer not to have any credit card debt. The extra money in my check will go straight to our cards until they are paid off in full. We do have 2 car payments now (Yuck!) but both are due for pay off this Summer. Once the card debt is gone that extra money will go toward the cars. Once the cars are paid off the extra money will go straight toward the 0% interest payments we're making on our new furniture. We should be out of debt by August! This excites me because we'll be able to put a big chunk of money into savings every month once our goals are met. How fabulous will that feel??

5. Make an appointment with my therapist. I've kind of been putting this off (no idea why) and I know I'll feel better emotionally if I see her regularly. I'm hoping to deal with things med-free and know that everything on my list prior to this one will help. When I'm taking care of myself physically it's easier to take care of myself emotionally.

6. Download our pictures onto our laptop more frequently and get caught up on ordering prints. I enjoy doing it and going through them so just need to take the time to do it. This sounds silly but really, sometimes I let it go for months and it drives me crazy! Then I don't have them handy to download here and I don't like that either. Plus I am a year behind in ordering prints so I need to catch up and then stay on top of it. Ooops.

So I'm feeling motivated and renewed with the start to this year. Things are on an upward swing at work which is huge for me. It's only been 1.5 days since I've been back on my normal work schedule but it's so much better already. I hope it continues! And I'm going to keep my progress in check for everything this year. I don't want anything to be forgotten.

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