Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hey, did you know you can be in "nesting" mode and not even be pregnant? I am living proof! ;)

Seriously though, the nesting is only in my head so far. I haven't acted upon my impulses - yet. I guess the need to purge some of our junk could be a good explanation for it as well. Oh and it's going to happen very, very soon...

I am so excited! I'm one of those crazy people that loves to organize and clean. I walked through the house on Thursday (while MrHoppy was sleeping off some pain) and made a plan in my head. The written list is soon to follow. I love lists. I have them everywhere with all my little plans. Let the de-cluttering begin! Soon I hope anyway... Some deep cleaning will also be going along with this plan. Think light fixtures, ceiling fans, drawers, etc.

The first plan of attack with be the top floor. In the 2 bathrooms (guest and master) I am going to clean out under the sinks and in all the drawers.

Next will come the office. I'm still trying (without luck) to sell the desk in that room which will free up a lot of space. I have a craft type table in there also that holds my sewing machine, patterns, crafty tools, etc. The closet is constantly being cleaned out so right now it's OK. Games are stored on top, wrapping paper and text books MrHoppy insists on keeping are on the bottom. One area that is a disaster is my bookcase. It is overflowing and I don't know what to do with my books? It looks like crap but I don't want to get rid of them. Perhaps I need another? But then they won't match... Any suggestions? This room has board and batten halfway up the walls all the way around. It has so much potential. In my mind I see it as a girly retreat for myself... We shall see.

Next up? Master bedroom. The area here that needs the most work is the closet. Here is a confession: I am a clothes-horse. Want to know another confession? MrHoppy is too!!! We have a large walk-in closet and it is FULL people. Of clothes, shoes, hats, bags, etc. I go through my clothes every 6 months (I swear!) so I think what the closet needs is organization. I have some ideas on how to do this so I'll keep you updated. My dresser could use some work too... I have a slight obsession with t-shirts. Everywhere we go I get one so there is a large drawer in my dresser dedicated to t-shirts. Most of which I don't actually wear. I have an idea on what to do with them so I'll update that someday too. When I get around to actually DOING it!

Our 2 guest bedrooms aren't too bad really. MrHoppy has taken over 1 closet that definitely needs organizing. His dirt bike gear and hunting gear are strewn about in the closet and I can't even open it without cringing! Organize, organize, organize...

The main floor isn't bad at all. The only spot that needs work is the pantry. We have a huge walk in pantry which is amazing but it has become cluttered. The shelves are wire and not solid on the bottom so MrHoppy has a plan to build bottoms to each shelf to make orgainzing easier. We keep a fully stocked pantry. This is no joke, I'll take a picture of it for you. MrHoppy loves to cook and bake so is adament that he have everything he might need when he has the urge. The other problem is that we have very few cabinets in the kitchen so small appliances, mixing bowls, and paper goods are all stored in the pantry. My dream is to organize and label everything.

I think a trip to the Container Store would be a dream come true. Especially for the pantry. Since we are still up in the air about moving or staying in our house I won't be doing much else in the way of updating and decorating until we decide. I do have some maintenance type projects that I'll be working on this Spring that won't be fun but that need to be done all the same. Spring cleaning has come early this year!

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