Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thankful on Thursday

I have done way too many "thankful for our health" posts recently. And although I am very thankful MrHoppy is on the road to recovery I am not writing another post about that sickly man! ;)

Today I am thankful for girlfriends. MrHoppy and I are amazing friends but sometimes a girl just needs other girls, you know? In college I always lived with my best friends and I loved it. Sharing clothes, helping each other out with fashion and shopping. We were wild, we loved each other and it was so fun. It was kind of an adjustment when MrHoppy and I moved in together after college when we were dating. I missed my girls!

But this weekend is going to be all about girls. These 2 girls specifically (My sister and me).

Oh and I guess there will be ONE boy around but we don't mind having this guy! He's too little to do big boy stuff yet! Although he is ALL boy! Wild man.

The husbands are going to the mountains for a boy's weekend. Think snowmobiles, beer, snow, more beer, whiskey and food. They need it too. Which leaves us all alone for the weekend! I'm excited, can you tell?

We are in need of girl time. Desperately. At least I am anyway! Our weekend will go a little like this:

We'll stay at her house which will be fun! Friday night my sister works so I'll babysit the little man. Saturday  morning our Mom is going to come watch O so we can spend the morning at my new gym. E hasn't been yet and I'm so excited to work out together! We are planning to hit the pool after our normal workout. My sister is a fish and helps me so much in the pool. I suck at swimming. Then there will be some hot tub, sauna, maybe the steam room? A healthy lunch is the LifeCafe perhaps? The best part is that we don't have a time limit. We can do whatever we want! We don't have any plans on Saturday (other than the gym) which is OK by  me. After tightening the reins on our spending to be out of debt this year I don't have a lot of money to spend. I think we'll end up taking it easy. Drink some wine, maybe watch girly movies? Sounds perfect to me!

The men-folk will be home Sunday. And we'll be happy to see them of course. But sometimes you just need a girls weekend! It will actually spill over into Monday. All the old college gals are getting together for dinner which I'm looking forward to also. With our busy "adult" schedules it gets harder and harder to make it happen. 

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  1. I had the best girl weekend with you sis!! Thank you so much for spending so much time with me. It was much needed! Love you