Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I usually try to be nice...

But not right now. Sometimes my husband is the biggest idiot I've ever met. He procrastinates on EVERYTHING. It's stupid and annoying and a constant cause of stress in our marriage. I'm the opposite: very orgainzed, have all the information ahead of time and am prepared for things I have scheduled.

I'll just use today as an example so perhaps you can sympathize with me, ok?

He has an appointment to have his wisdom teeth out tomorrow. No big deal except he had NO idea how much it would cost after insurance paid or what medications/sedatives he would be given. After calling Friday they told him he could drive home. Uh wha...? He didn't even think twice about this until he told me and I said that they must not be giving him much of anything then. So he freaked out and was going to call them Monday (yesterday) to get everything ironed out. Nothing like waiting until the last minute right?

Well it was a Monday. It's a dental office. They are busy. He didn't get a response right away and was annoyed with them. In the back of my mind I was thinking "it's not really their fault you waited until the last minute". This is always in the back of my mind with him, just so you know.

So... he called again this morning and the Dentist was with someone. MrHoppy had the bright idea that "eh, I'll just cancel the appointment". Which wouldn't be that big a deal except that he's been cancelling this appointment for almost 2 years. No, I'm not kidding. This is what I'm talking about!

So finally at 11 this morning I called. Talked to the dentist and he gave me all of the options for sedation and was going to put together the numbers for MrHoppy. We left it as MrHoppy would call them right away and decide.

I called my darling husband and he said they would call them. At 2 I texted him from work and asked what he had decided. It kind of matters to me because I'm the one who has to take off the morning from work for this delightful man. This was his response:

"they haven't called me yet"

To which I replied:

"you were supposed to call them dummy". Yes, this is verbatim.

To which he replied:

"oh, OK".

He called me at 4 on his way to work. I asked what he decided and he said:

"they never called me".

At which point I lost it. Not outwardly, I stayed calm on the outside believe it or not. But he knows how mad I am. But he keeps doing this type of thing. I am not his mother, nor will I ever stand in as one. He is a grown man and fully capeable of handling his own affairs. I'm through helping him, you can't help someone who is unwilling to help himself.

Sorry, vent over. Anyone else's husbands make them literally want to rip their hair out, one strand at a time?


  1. All the time!!!! I was going to write a post about how DH doesn't always stand for darling husband. Men are not always the brightest!!

  2. oh man, I want to smack C every morning b/c he never fails to bug me about making him breakfast. Um, you're a grown man, do it your damn self!! grrr...men!