Monday, January 17, 2011

Short Weekend Update

You guys - everything went wrong for poor MrHoppy. I feel so bad for him!

Saturday night the dry sockets were confirmed. He was in an insane amount of pain and had to have his mouth worked on again. Not fun.

Then he had a fever all night. Infection on top of it all? Yep! That's how we roll, if it could happen, it probably will... We didn't get any sleep.

We finally found some pain meds he can take without getting sick and he was put on a strong antibiotic. By last night he was starting to feel halfway human. He even slept off and on throughout the night.

I am back at work today. His Mom is taking care of him this afternoon which is great. I worry and didn't want him to be completely alone all day. This also frees me up to hit the gym after work. And let me tell you, I NEED to work out. Missing it all weekend sucked so it's back to the grind!

I hope he's really on the mend and able to get back to work tomorrow night. This is day 6, who knew teeth could cause so many problems? Not to mention - when he doesn't work he doesn't get paid so he needs to get back to work!


  1. I was just getting caught up and OH MY! Poor Mr. Hoppy! That just sounds horrific. I hope he is on the mend now and there are no more setbacks!

  2. Poor Mr. Hoppy! Sending him lots of get better vibes~~~~~

  3. Thanks ladies - I hope he is on the mend today. He really isn't usually as sickly as he sounds... :)