Saturday, January 15, 2011

It Just Keeps Gettin' Better Ya'll

I don't know how to spell Ya'll. I don't even use that word when I talk but I have had a couple beers tonight so blame it on that!

MrHoppy is doing worse. Last night he swelled even more than before and was in more pain than he has been since Wednesday night. I blamed it on the fact that I was at work all day and I wasn't around to make sure he was icing it every 30 minutes. At least I hoped that was all it was...

But when he woke up this morning everything looked worse. He's swollen on the outside AND inside his mouth, his breath has gotten worse and he can't open his mouth at all. So we called the dentist at his emergency contact number. And we called, and called, and called... And didn't hear back. Until 4:30. He was skiing today so I'm just thankful we got a call back at all. He is going to meet us at his office in an hour. Based on MrHoppy's description of how things are going the dentist is thinking it could be dry sockets. Yikes. Not good.

This surgery has had me thinking about when I had my wisdom teeth removed. My case was different and worse than most I have heard of. Actually it ended up being one of the worst experiences of my life! All 4 were impacted so it took general anethesia and an oral surgeon to complete my extraction. I swelled so badly you could see my cheeks from behind. Seriously. And I was black and blue. Anyone remember Garbage Pail Kids? That's what I looked like. But I was on some heavy duty painkillers so the first days were a blur. Poor MrHoppy doesn't have that luxury. He is feeling everything. After the surgery my wounds got infected which made me pretty sick. I had to have them cleaned out (GROSS!) and was put on antibiotics. It was such a terrible experience for me and I was drugged for a lot of it. I've heard dry sockets are the worst thing that can happen and I'm afraid that's what we're dealing with.

We were invited to a birthday party this afternoon which I attended with my sister and BIL. Hence the beers. MrHoppy was OK with me going, he relaxed all morning and played COD while I cleaned the whole house and did laundry. I was getting pretty stir crazy so I welcomed the break. :)

I feel so helpless. There isn't anything I can do to help him, nothing I can give him to ease the pain. I just hope the dentist is able to give us some answers and a plan. MrHoppy is supposed to go back to work tomorrow night and that isn't looking good. At all. So of course he is uber stressed about money already.

He'll be fine. We'll be fine financially even with all the missed shifts this week. I know this. I just feel like if the universe could just give this poor man a break it would be greatly appreciated. It's about time right? He doesn't deserve for everthing to be so damn hard for him!

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