Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, hello girls...

I'm telling you, turning 30 has been a traumatic experience. ;) Yes, I'm being dramatic but it really has changed a lot of things about my body.

 Is it really possible that your hormones and body can change overnight? I went to sleep on September 18th (pretty late and tipsy if I remember correctly!) the same old MrsHoppy and I woke up on the 19th and was a different person... More hormones, more wrinkles and just generally more loose skin... (more dramatics)

The hormone change is really killing me. Since when did the ENTIRE 2WW become a PMS-fest? "The girls" are what have changed the most. I think I ovulate and BAM! they swell up and become so tender that I should wrap them in ice and an ace bandage. I am going to have to buy giant bras for these 2 weeks every month if I continue at this rate. I'm spilling out of my 34C bras. Do you know how ridiculous these big boobs look on my small frame? They make my upper body look gigantic. Which is a real boost to my self esteem, let me tell ya. If they were full of milk I think I could feed a small country!

Oh and how about the bloating? Now that is fun. And the 2 pound weight gain that won't budge no matter how far I run or how little I eat? Fantastic! MrHoppy especially likes how much it bothers me during this time of the month (insert sarcasm). My Type A, controlling mind keeps saying: "this isn't hormones, you are getting chubby!" and when I say this out loud MrHoppy patiently (insert a lot of sarcasm) reminds me that this has happened the last couple months before my period. Not that he's complaining about my cup size right now - I think he secretly likes how big they get! It's sad he can forget about touching them - if he even gets close, looks like he might accidently brush up against them - I scream! It's agony I tell you!

The only thing I can attribute the changes to is my age. :::sight::: That's the only difference I can think of. My Dr even checked my hormone levels last month since I was having so much spotting between cycles. Everything was normal. That has stopped by the way. Just an update on my crazy, wonky body! Anyone else experience these changes when they turned 30?

And I'm utterly failing so far at staying on top of pictures. I have about a month to download so I'll try to get to that tonight after yoga. This blog is in desperate need of some new pictures!


  1. Ah, I am one year away!! My 29th birthday was yesterday.

  2. It seems to go in cycles for me with the boob pain. I'll get it really bad for 3-4 months in a row and then it will calm down for a few. As I sit here typing they are killing me, it's been this way the last few months. I'm hoping next month will be better? I've found that taking Celebrex is a huge help. It's for arthritis but nothing I've tried works better! (It helps with ovulation cramps too)

    Good luck!