Thursday, October 21, 2010


I can't even tell you how ready I am for a vacation from work! And we confirmed all our details for our trip yesterday afternoon so I'm pretty excited!

We are going to Florida next month for one of MrHoppy's college roommates wedding. MrHoppy is in it (of course!) and we haven't seen "M" since 2007 so I'm really excited. We'll stay with them for 4 nights (along with another couple from college that I haven't met yet) and do all the fun wedding stuff with them. I haven't met his fiance yet and it sounds like she's pretty awesome. Likes to have a good time so we should get along great!

The day after the wedding we'll head North to spend the day and night with my Grandparents in Daytona Beach. One night is about all we can do - they have really become home-bodies (which is fine!) but we get bored there pretty quickly. We'll probably take them out to dinner and hang out. We'll spend the next day with them and then that afternoon head to DisneyWorld for 2 nights!!

With Grandparents that live in Florida I have gone to all the attractions there over the years. Magic Kingdom, Epcot, etc. But MrHoppy has never been! He's been to DisneyLand but I am kind of partial to DisneyWorld myself. :) We are staying at the Port Orleans Hotel and I'm pretty excited about it. I've never actually stayed at Disney so this is a first for me. We're planning to hang out Monday night, probably check out downtown Disney and the Boardwalk. We heard the House of Blues bar there is pretty fun so I'm sure we'll go there. Hit up some nightlife and then we'll spend all day the next day in the park. My personal favorite is Magic Kingdom so that's where I'd like to go. We'll see. Our flight leaves the very next afternoon so we'll have to fit in as much as possible for those 2 nights!

I just keep telling myself it will be here soon. It's getting me through work and all that we have going on until then. I really am excited - it will fly by but I can't wait!


  1. That sounds awesome! We're trying to plan some kind of trip too but can't make up our minds.

    and I feel you on the decorating bug! It has hit me bad too. I'm currently obsessed with finding new bedding for our