Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A New Look!

So I decided to rename my blog. It's no longer a journey through infertility. It's a journey on learning to live my life child-free. Just me and my hubbs. The ups and downs that come along with that. My feelings and emotions as I navigate this new life we are adjusting to.

It looks like in our home there will just be two. Of course I can't forget the 3 other members of our family. Our "furbabies" that we love so much! Technically there are 5 but just 2 humans. :)

Of course I'll still be celebrating the good in my life. All the wonderful things we get to do. We may not get to experience being parents but we will live our life to the fullest no matter what!

So a new name, a new look and hopefully a new lease on life.

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