Tuesday, October 19, 2010


So glad the last 4 days are finally over with! We moved our office to a new location and I knew things would either go smoothly or be a disaster. Guess which it was...? Of course it was the latter of the two!

Let me just start by explaining that our new lease was signed in June. June people. The construction in the new office was supposed to be done in July so we would move in August 1st. To say this contractor sucked is an understatement. August 1st quickly turned to September 1st, which turned into October 1st. And then after all the errors made in the construction were found it was changed to October 15th. Guess who had a 2 week motorcycle trip planned for these dates? My boss/Dad. So guess who was left alone to over-see the move and get everything set up in the new location? Yours truly!

So let's start with Friday. We share an office with 2 other people. J was off for the day (convenient) and T was at the new location while a new desk was delivered and the phone lines were switched. I was left to move everything I could carry from the old location to the new location alone for the morning. I only cried once after smashing my fingers multiple times and then dropping a laptop holder-thingy on my toe. Lunch rolled around and after eating I felt better. T was even able to come help load in the afternoon. I was out of there by 5.

Saturday morning we got up at the crack of dawn to move the big items into the new location. I showed up with my Dad's truck and guess what? The new location didn't pass code so everything that had been placed in our offices Friday by ME had to be moved BACK out and into the empty space next door. Are you freaking kidding me?? At least this douche-tastic contractor paid movers to do this part of the job. But all my sweat and tears on Friday were for nothing.

So... We weren't able to get set up over the weekend as planned. Monday would not go smoothly either and I was about to find that out!

The inspector didn't come back until late Monday morning. So after lunch we started moving everything from the empty space next door into our new offices. Except now it's not orgainzied. We have to figure our where everything goes. And nothing can be put away or set up yet because we're still waiting for another inspector to clear the electrical part of the office. So about 4PM this guy shows up for about 3 minutes and says it's fine.

It's Tuesday at 11AM and I am somewhat set up to do business. Do you know how much my boss/Dad owes me? A lot. Monetary and favors. And believe me - when I go pick decor and plants and whatever else I decide I want for this place... He is going to pay for every cent!

So that was my weekend disaster. I'm glad it's over and I NEVER say that about a weekend!

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