Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Recap - Pumpkins and Fall Fun!

While the hubby was away this weekend I was busy! Friday night ended up being super fun. I went out downtown with my friend M and we got pretty drunk at "her" bar. We gossiped, stayed up late and just hung out. I was in desperate need of some girl time! Even with the late night I got up early Saturday morning (starving and with a pounding head) and made the trek home. My Mom came over and we did some painting in our house. I love the way the guest room turned out! The color is called "Tony Taupe" and it goes so well with the furniture and bedding in that room. I love the contrast with our bright white baseboards and doors. I ended up doing a few other little projects too. I found some sale Halloween/Fall decorations and put them up. Damn I'm productive when MrHoppy is gone! The rest of my night was spent lounging with a movie at home by myself. Sometimes you just need some alone time!

On Sunday my awesome sister and brother-in-law invited me to join them at the pumpkin patch! I am so happy to be included in these outings since we don't have children of our own to have these experiences with. It was so fun. A little windy (annoying), but fun.

This place is just a little family run patch, they had dogs running around, 2 donkeys, rabbits, a corn maze, a big blow up slide and of course the pumpkin patch itself. Since O is so little she didn't charge any of us the $10 fee and said we could do everything and she would just charge us for the pumpkins. Score! So we walked around, K took O down the slide a couple times while my sister and I watched and took pictures. I was SO mad we don't have a new camera yet. I used my iPhone as usual and got some cute pictures. They brought his Halloween costume for the pictures and I almost died from the cuteness...

 When we were done at the pumpkin patch we headed back to their house to carve our giant pumpkins. Did I mention that the owner only charged us $5/pumpkin? And they are SO big! I had printed some patterns on Friday at work and decided right away I would do an owl. I LOVE owls so it was fitting. I think he turned out pretty cute! This picture sucks because again, only have my iPhone and it was dark and lit up but the flash goes off no matter what I do in that light. But it gives you an idea of how cute it is. :)

This random picture was snapped last night as I was getting into bed. What is it you ask?

Oh that's my 85lb Ridgeback wrapped up in a blanket. She spends a few minutes every night getting her blanket arranged on her bed and crawling under it. Then we usually cover her up the rest of the way when we get into bed. Ridiculous right?! She curls up into the tiniest ball you have ever seen and stays that way all night. She is a silly girl... And that bed is not that big, I swear...

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  1. My ridgeback does the exact same thing...last night she brought her stuff monkey to bed with her too. She loves being completely covered, especially her nose.